AKRacing Office Serie Silla De Oficina Opal


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La silla Obsidian es la verdadera pionera de la serie de sillas de oficina AKRacing Office. Con un aspecto ejecutivo y materiales de primera calidad, es la opción perfecta para su oficina, ya sea en un entorno corporativo o en su oficina en casa. La tapicería de cuero de poliuretano y fibra de carbono, y los detalles cromados la convierten en una opción elegante para cualquier entorno. El asiento y el respaldo regulables, la excelente amortiguación de la espuma curada en frío, los reposabrazos 3D y las almohadillas de apoyo para la cabeza y la zona lumbar ofrecen comodidad durante las largas horas de trabajo. ¡Puede incluso quedarse hasta tarde para ver el tiempo extra, gracias a la función de reclinación de 180 grados!


  • Material de la estructura: Metal
  • Revestimiento de la estructura: Pintura negra anticorrosión
  • Material de la cubierta de la silla: Tejido 100% poliéster en la parte delantera y trasera
  • Tipo de espuma: Espuma moldeada de alta densidad
  • Densidad de la espuma: 55 kg/m³ (asiento) 50 kg/m³ (respaldo)
  • Tipo de base: Base de metal

  • Reposabrazos regulables: 3D
  • Tipo de mecanismo: Mecanismo estándar
  • Ángulo de inclinación ajustable: 3-18°
  • Bloqueo de inclinación: Sí
  • Bloqueo de ángulo de inclinación: No
  • Ángulo de reclinación 180°
  • Clase de pistón de gas: Pistón de gas clase 4
  • Ángulo de respaldo ajustable: Sí
  • Almohadilla lumbar ajustable: Sí
  • Reposacabezas ajustable: Sí
  • Cumple/supera los estándares ANSI/BIFMA: Sí
  • Duración de la garantía: 5/10 años

Recomendación de tamaño

Para el máximo confort:

Talla: 165 - 195 cm

Peso: 65 - 130 kg

IMC: ≤ 34

Ruedas: 6 cm

Capacidad de peso: 150 kg

Peso neto: 22 kg

Peso bruto: 26.7 kg

4.09 Average

11 Reviews

Josephine P

Best gaming chair in the business. Had one before having to move and leave it behind and knew only another AKRacing chair would live up to the old one.

Rhett M

Holds up with 200+ lbs for long periods. The completely flat recline scared me at first but is super comfortable.


Overall this chair came out better than I thought nice spacious material feels nice and the seat is not too hard not too soft feels good it has its plastic parts but all the important parts are good material got this on special for 215 if you can snag this at that price I think you won't be disappointed


As a 5'-4"person, I have to say this chair doesn't really work for my height, it's just about 1/2" to tall for me to place my feet on the floor. But most importantly for someone whom has lower back problems, this chair is just HORRIBLE. The seat is like sitting on a rock and the neck pillow and lumbar pillow are always flipping forward and I have to hold them in place when I go to sit down. Additionally the neck pillow really is not all that adjustable, if you are shorter person, as the elastic strap does not stretch enough to get it lower on the top of the chair. Although I have to say the weight of the metal base and frame are good and the armrests are great in the amount they can adjust. Overall Disappointed!

Bo H

Very comfortable chair with multiple adjustments to suit my needs. Very well constructed with good materials. We have ordered 4 of them now and everyone is raving about them. One small downside which is hard to recreate even when trying but if you are rolling forward with your but towards the very front of the chair the wheels want to lift up and kick out. I have terrible slouched posture which is the main cause of it, however I would like to be able to sit that way and not worry. Wont stop us from buying more.


At 5'5" and 105lbs I'm probably not the target audience for this chair. One and a half of me can fit which makes it extremely comfortable -- I can cross my legs, adjust my height, arm rests, angle (to 180 degrees). I find the neck pillow very helpful when I'm reclining a little or fully, although it's not needed when sitting straight up. The lumbar support is comfortable and keeps me from slouching too much. At the right angle it can relieve a lot of pressure on my back. The seat could be a little cushier but it's not uncomfortable. Everything is very well made and I am particular impressed by the construction of the seat support and the metal base. I have a cat and was worried about fur getting trapped in the mesh, but it's designed in such a way that it doesn't trap in the fur and I can easily lint roll it (unlike cheaper mesh chairs where it seems all crumbs and furs disappear into the depths of the fabric, never to be retrieved). It feels like this chair will easily last several years. Only comment is that my tilt rock doesn't seem to work. I've adjusted the tension but it doesn't change anything no matter which way I turn it. Other than that, I really like the chair and am glad I bought it over the narrower options available.

Brandon G

Very comfortable and feels high quality. Great improvement for all the work days at home as well as gaming.

dylan r

after getting a free old desk chair from craigslist, and it breaking after a week. it had a really bad lean to it. and i would fall in it 5-10 times a day, i hurt myself really bad twice whilst falling, figuring it was time for and upgrade, i got the opal office chair. got it today as of writing this review. Built it 2 hours ago. and let me tell you something, this is the BEST office chair i have ever had, it might not be for everybody. but this chair sure is for ME. i recommend highly. very comfortable. 5 stars

Cody C

The "AKRACING" logo comes in white/red, despite the black color shown on the product shot. I purchased the chair so that the bright white logo wouldn't appear in my business calls (this is a business chair -- right?). Additionally, the chair smells horrible. After a week of fans pointed at the chair 24/7, the pungent "flame retardant" smell still persists. I drastically regret this purchase.

Hi Cody, I am very sorry, we indeed had an issue with this last shipment of OPAL chairs as the stitching came in white rather than black. We will be happy to send you a complete set of black headrest and lumbar pillows (with black stitching) free of charge to make up for this issue. Also, please note that our chairs are not pre-treated with any chemicals and are fully compliant with CA Fire Retardant Regulations.


Sean O

Great experience at PAX buying the chair - I was given plenty of time and patience and not pushed towards the most expensive chair. Rather, I was helped along to find the chair that would work best for me, which I really appreciated.

AKRacing Serie Office Silla de Oficina Opal
AKRacing Serie Office Silla de Oficina Opal
AKRacing Serie Office Silla de Oficina Opal
AKRacing Serie Office Silla de Oficina Opal
AKRacing Serie Office Silla de Oficina Opal
AKRacing Serie Office Silla de Oficina Opal
AKRacing Serie Office Silla de Oficina Opal
AKRacing Serie Office Silla de Oficina Opal